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Mall massacre highlights terrorism warning

(Christian Action Network) Wed. December 5th News of a murder-suicide rifleman killing eight and injuring five at a busy shopping mall Wednesday, Dec 5, has FBI officials on alert for more possible incidents.

FBI Public Information Officer Carri Zawicki told CAN News the preliminary indications point away from “any terrorist connection.”

“”We don’t have any indication that there is a terrorist connection,” she said. “The information we have so far is that there is no connection, but we’re continuing to investigate further.”

CAN News is standing by, seeking if further information turns toward news of a volatile end at Christmastime to a nine-month respite from jihadist terrorism in the United States.

Either way, the tragedy is mind-numbing to families of victims whose only earthly crime was holiday shopping revelry during our season of giving as a very special birthday nears.

It is important to note the Islamisist justification for a massacre of this kind by jihadist terrorist forces that has FBI and Homeland Security leaders concerned about other possible attacks.

The justification amounts to an assessment by Islamic theocratic leaders stating the Christian celebration of the birth of a savior is an infidel act according to Islamic law.

The Associated Press reports shoppers and employees ran screaming through the mall; they barricaded themselves in dressing rooms after hearing gunfire.

The story continued to unfold until eventually authorities confirmed they found the gunman dead on the third floor of the Von Maur department store.

AP reports stated Kevin Kleine, 29, who had been shopping with a 4-year-old daughter, said hiding in a dressing room with four other shoppers and an employee was the only safe option.

“My knees rocked. I didn’t know what to do, so I just ran with everybody else,” Kleine said.

Keith Fidler, a Von Maur employee, said he heard a burst of five to six shots followed by 15 to 20 more rounds.

Fidler said he huddled in the corner of the men’s clothing department with about a dozen other employees until police yelled to get out of the store.

Agents at the FBI command center would not release information to CAN News from the scene.

“Any information must be cleared through our public information office,” one agent who did not want to be identified said.

“The Omaha police department is handling the incident, and all public information to be released,” about the identity of the gunman, Sawicki said.

Omaha public information officer, Sgt. Teresa Megron, could not be reached for comment, and messaging services at the Omaha Police Department’s Public Information Office were full Wednesday night.

A witness, Shawn Vidlak, said he heard four or five rapid shots “like a nail gun.” At first he thought it was noise from construction work going on at the mall.

“People started screaming about gunshots,” Vidlak said. “I grabbed my wife and kids we got out of there as fast as we could.”

Shortly after the shooting, a group of shoppers came out of the building with their hands raised. Some were still holding shopping bags.

President Bush was in town Wednesday for a fundraiser in Omaha, but left about an hour before the shooting.

It is also important to note that just days ago a hand grenade was found in the parking area of the same Omaha mall.

A recent “third-hand” warning by the FBI stated shopping malls would be targeted for attack by Islamic jihadist terrorists this Christmas season, with more likely targets being Los Angeles and Chicago.

The sprawling, three-level mall has more than 135 stores and restaurants, according to the Web site for General Growth Properties, the manager of the mall.

It gets 14.5 million visitors every year, according to the Web site.


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