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Update: Teenage gunman followed murder-suicide path to “fame” Omaha shooter not linked to terrorists, influences on male, 19, are still unknown as police consider suicide note, family statements

(Christian Action Network) A 19-year-old gunman who shot and murdered eight Christmas shoppers at an Omaha, Nebraska mall before killing himself Wednesday, Dec. 5, had no connections to terrorist activity, Omaha police told CAN News.

Omaha police spokesman, Officer Bill Dropinski, said an investigation continues into possible Internet influences or statements that might shed light on possible motives for the indiscriminate murderous rampage.

Robert A. Hawkins, 19, of Bellevue, Nebraska, near Omaha, left two suicide notes and a will. “I understand they are confiscated and in our evidence locker,” Dropinski said.

As to possible background influences on the teenager’s violent behavior, he added, “I understand his was not a healthy childhood, a criminal record and in and out of foster homes.”

A probe into Hawkin’s Internet use seeks to uncover possible influences inspiring or suggesting specific acts of violence. “That is all part of the ongoing investigation,” Dropinski said.

Police will gather information about Hawkins’ wesite visits, e-mails and blogging conversations.

Dropinski said the case has no connection at all to the discovery of a live grenade at the mall property four days before the shooting.

“Zero connection,” he said. “It was a total coincidence. The grenade was found after hours by an employee, and there is no connection except that it happened at the same mall.”

The investigation included Hawkins’ latest place of residence and numerous contacted relatives. One of the noted suicide letters stated his apologies to family and friends.

Hawkins said he wanted to go out in style, that he would not be a further burden to his family, his life had been a “piece of sh**” and now he would be famous, according to family statements.

Police response times to the scene were reportedly a mater of several minutes, with a SWAT team putting a counter-attack in motion six minutes after the first call, according to published reports.

The shooting began shortly past lunchtime, Hawkins reportedly using a rifle characterized as “assault style” with large magazine clips, allegedly obtained from a stepfather’s residence.


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