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Iraq’s 81 dead leads jihadist terror report Seven nations in Africa, Europe and Asia targeted, 116 “infidel” lives lost by Islamic jihad forces

(Christian Action Network) Many expressed shock at the news of a gunman killing eight in Omaha, Nebraska, last week, but it was not a planned, discriminating raid targeting Americans for the purpose of Islamic jihad.

Journalists the world over sought news as to the teen-ager’s motives and purpose. There is no doubt about the motives of Islamic forces waging jihad war as instructed by Qu’ranic teachings.

They seek world dominion for Islam and subjugation of all teaching contrary to Islam under “dhimmitude,” Arabic for apartheid practiced under the direction of Islamic scholars.

Seven foreign nations continued to reel under the relentless slaughter by religious war that for more than nine months has left the United States and Canada alone.

The attacks perpetrated by religious warriors of Islamic jihad took 116 lives total, 81 in Iraq alone, according to reports made public by Religion of Peace, an Islamic jihad monitor group.

Religion of Peace also released a summary for attacks during the month of November, concluding there were 203 acts of terrorism in 13 countries targeting five religions.

The Islamic forces of jihad terrorism killed 1,138 targeted enemies and critically injured 1,358 as an offering to Allah, their god, from November 1-30.

Last week featured daily attacks in Iraq, starting with a Monday raid by Islamic jihadists killing 15 and injuring nine in Basra; a shooting killed two in Hawija and a Ramadj murder-suicide bombing killed three police.

Islamic jihadists killed 23 Tuesday in the Baghdad area (thrown into a lake) and a murder-suicide bombing in Jalawla killed eight Wednesday. A car bomb killed five and injured 20 on a Baqubah street and massacres in the Baghdad area took 15 lives, injuring 33.

Nine died Thursday at the hands of al-Qaeda gunmen in Diyala; the attack injured seven others. A woman in Kut was gunned down by Islamic jihadist gunmen.

There were daily attacks in other countries also, with Islamic jihad forces in Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India taking 16 lives on Monday, injuring 13.

Four died and 20 were injured Tuesday in a Naraghiwat, Thailand, attack by Islamic jihadists bombers who attacked a restaurant then followed several victims to a hospital where further murders took place.

On Wednesday, Islamic terror claimed a police officer’s life in Stary Cherek, Russia, and Islamic jihadist forces ambushed and killed two soldiers in Hiran, Somalia.

In Kabul, Afghanistan, 12 died and 14 were injured by an Islamic Fedayeen murder-suicide bomber who boarded a minibus and detonated. Four children are among the dead civilians.

The last jihadist attack to kill in the Western Hemisphere took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, by a lone Islamic gunman who killed five in February.

A total of 10,152 deadly attacks by the forces of Islamic jihad have been perpetrated since September 11, 2001, in the name of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam who founded the jihadist warrior religion in the seventh century.


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