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CAN supporters sound off about Sudan Teddi tirades Son of supporter in America lives in England, wrote to London’s Guardian

(Christian Action Network) Christian Action Network president Martin Mawyer said he loves hearing of CAN supporters and friends out there making a difference.

It may be a dialogue with local leaders, lawmakers or churches, feedback from handing out “Jihad in America” booklets, or perhaps a letter to the editor that gets published.

“I like to think we had some hand in it,” Mawyer said. “God knows our friends have a mighty hand impacting what we are able to do here.”

It’s a developing team effort to get the word out and provide a response to the terrorist threat of jihadism and fundamentalist, literalist Islamists.

The U.S. based family members of Matthew Martin let us know that Mat, in London, wrote a letter in the Guardian. Mat let fellow Londoners know:

[British English language teacher] Gillian Gibbons’ apology for her ‘innocent mistake’ of naming the class teddy bear Mohammad (Guardian, 27th November) seems to point to a more pertinent issue of a fear of violence or political retaliation in ‘never wanting to insult Islam.’

In 2005, the BBC refused to publish the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad for reasons of ‘cultural sensitivity.’ Yet by these standards, flippant and insensitive references to other cultural fugureheads are prevalent in the British media.

‘Never wanting to insult Islam’ seems emblematic of a dire refrain from any critical thinking on the religion in the mainstream media caused by a fear of a violent response from certain Muslim groups, but blanket-coated by issue evasion terms such as ‘cultural sensitivity.’

Mawyer said it is absolutely right, or “quite right” [just a little British lingo] to point out the double standard. “The effort on the part of these jihadists is a matter of Islamization – our Christian symbols can be insulted, but Islam can never be questioned,” he said.

“This is the sort of thing that is creating a culture of Dhimmitude already, now, in the west, and it’s happening even though the Muslim population is less than four-percent of the whole.”

The flap about Gibbon’s class naming a teddi bear Muhammad is not over. Nations are busy sweeping it under a rug, but Mat aptly describes how the matter adds to our understanding of what Islam truly stands for.

“We are learning that it definitely does not stand for free, individual thought or critical thinking,” Mawyer said. “I say, thank you Mat for willing to sound off, I hope more of us do.”


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