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No corner on extremism

(Akron Beacon Journal) In her Nov. 23 commentary on President Bush’s views of his critics and legacy, Kathleen Parker made a very bold claim. She said that his assertion that killing Osama bin Laden will never end extremism, only ”free societies will,” was ”surely true.” True, killing bin Laden will never end extremism, but will free societies fare any better?

I agree that radical Islamic fundamentalists who blow themselves up are extreme. But I also believe that the fundamentalist Christians who blew up abortion clinics in the early 1990s were also extreme. We should not forget that this extremism occurred in our own free society of America. While I’m not here to pass judgment on whether it’s wrong to have beliefs so strong that one is willing to kill for them, I am hoping to show the more disturbing aspect of Bush’s statement.

The president has implied that one form of society is more likely to breed extremism than another. We need to remember that extremism is related to time and place, and that no one religion, country, economic system or voting style intrinsically breeds extremism. Let us not forget that Adolf Hitler was voted into office in a free election in a free society. Let us be mindful that the Weathermen bombed ROTC buildings in the early 1970s, protesting (in extreme fashion) the very society that Bush contends will end extremism.

We can’t allow ourselves to believe that bringing democracy and freedom to a nation will end terrorism and extremism. This viewpoint is naive and dangerous, and simply leads to the erroneous assumption that free societies don’t have radicals bent on destruction.

I suppose it makes people in free societies feel better to call members of the Ku Klux Klan ”states’ rights activists.” Does this also mean that once we bring ”free societies” to the Middle East, al-Qaida can be called ”people with religious conviction”?

Simply changing the style of government that a nation has only leads to a change in labels and -isms. What is really needed is a change in consciousness, which begins by acknowledging that all people are capable of extremism. By holding the mirror up and understanding ourselves first, we might finally begin to understand extremism in those we like to call ”the others.” After all, if extremists all have one thing in common, it’s that they’re all human.

Lauren Mostardi


Righteous Republicans

With presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson making a strenuous appeal to certain religious constituencies, it sounds a lot like righteousness masquerading as good government. When the two get mixed, we get neither.

How stupid do they think the rest of us are?

S. Joseph Krause


Thrown to

the wolves

In response to Bob Dyer’s Nov. 13 column replying to criticism of him by the Rev. John R. Beaty (” ’Racist’ tag easy to apply”): The race card does not need to be played, when we all know it is already in the deck and being played on a daily basis.

We all know Tyree Feaster was thrown to the wolves, in that he is now housed in an adult prison. I firmly believe that if he had done as he was told by the system, he would have been released and would be dead by now. I am not justifying what Feaster did, or if he did what he was accused of, but he should have the chance to be rehabilitated and not thrown away.

Edna Torrey



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  1. Dear ____________________:
    I am a moslim living with my family in Arlington, Texas, USA. I have a desperate cry for your help. My 9-year-old son was recently assaulted in a local mosque by a Palestinian terrorist who was retaliating against me for my undercover work with the FBI years ago that helped put 40 Palestinians in federal prison. This 25-year-old Palestinian man harmed my son, causing him two broken fingers, but also causing him to become extremely fearful of adult strangers. When I sued the thug, and the mosque, in a local court, the boss of the mosque announced in the microphone of the mosque, during Ramadan, that I, Mohamed Elkharsity, had become an outlaw to moslims. The boss also asked for donations among the participants in that Ramadan service to raise $150,000.00 to defend against my lawsuit against the mosque. I previously informed the FBI that fundraising by that local mosque is actually being targeted for the support of Hamas. I am very upset because the boss of the mosque slandered and defamed my wife in her presence among the participants in the local mosque during Ramadan. Besides denouncing her, the boss told her never to worship in his mosque ever again. The boss also sent my lawyer a letter threatening us not to attend the mosque. This is a violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution! This boss has a history of abusing the wives. He also has convinced the moslim community that he is a lawyer, which he is not. Furthermore, this boss is anti-semitic, and he teaches moslim youth to hate the Jewish community, which I strongly support. This boss likes his fellow moslims to call him “Ameer Almumneen”, he is a member of CAIR, and he heads every fundraising or other mosque actions. He has instilled fear in the moslim community as if this were the Gaza Strip. This boss is also fighting the economic system of the United States, because he teaches the Sharea Islamic system dealing with, for example, the financing of homes. He encourages moslims to stop dealing with My lawyer is scared and withdrew from my case because of possible reprisals by the Palestinian Hamas. Now I need your help to fight hatred, terrorism, and fascio-islamism. I am seeking a fearless lawyer who is not afraid to fight for my cause. I wish to hear from you by e-mail. Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mohamed Elkharsity

    Comment by mohamed elkharsity | December 14, 2007 | Reply

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