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Plot To Kill Pakistan President Musharraf Foiled

(N.T.A.R.C.) Pakistani intelligence agencies foiled a plot to assassinate President Pervez Musharraf by arresting members of al-Qaeda in Karachi, Online news agency reported, citing unidentified people.

Those arrested told interrogators they planned to kill Musharraf on his next trip to Karachi, by blowing up a bridge that leads from the airport into the city, the news agency reported.

They also said two more attacks had been planned in case Musharraf survived the first one, Online said. Law enforcement officials seized large amounts of ammunition from those arrested, it said.


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  1. Americans and others who give money and aid have to be careful. Billions of dollors was given to Mr.Musharaf of Paksitan. Why don’t you give money to different people and ensuring that it is used honestly. I know many Musharaf offcials who misused the funds.

    They are the most corrupt. A dishonest and incompetent person can be dangerous to anyone.

    Comment by Danyal | December 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. Americans and others donor of money must ensure that it is not misued. Mr.Musharaf of Paksitan has misused the funds. Why can’t it be used honestly.

    I think inflicting pain is no good. If one has to do it than do it quickly.

    This man(Musharaf) is not only dishonest but also incompetent. Such a man can be dangerous to any one.

    For heaven sake……………we all need peace……………….mercy


    Comment by Danyal | December 18, 2007 | Reply

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