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Weekend death toll of jihadist terror war: 66 Six nations targeted in Islamic efforts to destroy “infidels”

(Christian Action Network) Islamic killing of infidels in the name of Muhammad, its seventh-century founder, scored 66 dead, 65 injured over the weekend in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Russia and Somalia.

The ongoing carnage waged as a means of demonstrating Islamic piety and devotion to Allah, their god, was researched and reported by Religion of Peace global jihad monitors Friday through Sunday, December 7-9.

Daily Islamic terrorist raids in Iraq included five murder-suicide bombings killing 37 and injuring 40 as other rocket and gunman attacks killed six and injured two, including a family of four killed in Wasit and a Christian girl in Mosul gunned down by Islamists at a marketplace.

A noted provincial leader in Iraq’s government was among those killed in one of the attacks in which jihadists used a roadside bomb.

A Friday ambush of police in Charisadda, Pakistan, killed one officer before a Sunday murder-suicide bombing in Swat killed numerous children among nine dead and eight injured.

Two Islamic religious killings took place in Afghanistan on Saturday, mainly through jihadist forces catching police off guard in ambush operations, killing eight and injuring six.

Jihadists also hanged a 12-year-old boy from a tree in Helmand in accordance with Islamic Teliban tradition.

Islamic historical teaching notes precedent for the execution of boys in puberty, Muhammad himself overseeing the exposure of Jewish boys of the Qurayza clan, Medina, in 627, to view pubic evidence of manhood.

Muhammad and his charter-member jihadist warriors beheaded 800 Jewish men and boys of puberty to obtain the clan’s considerable wealth, children and women.

On Sunday, Islamic terrorists gunned down a Hindu police officer in Ramban, India, and set off a bomb on a civilian bus killing two and injuring four in Stavropol, Russia, [near Chechnya].

Islam scored a civilian death, and injured three, as bystanders were caught in crossfire during an attack on Ethiopian troops near a Mogadishu, Somalia marketplace.

The last confirmed Jihadist killing to take place in the American hemisphere occurred in February: an Islamic man gunned down five Valentine’s Day shoppers in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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