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Honor/terror killing brings jihadism to Canada Al-Qaeda active, deadly injuries average more than 100 daily

(Christian Action Network) Daily attacks by Islamic terrorists killed 112 and seriously injured 437 worldwide, according to early reports noted by Religion of Peace jihad monitors Monday through Thursday, Dec. 10-13.

The death toll is expected to rise as numerous injured victims die of their wounds.

The United States was not a victim nation by jihadists this week, but Canada reported an Islamic honor/terror killing in Toronto.

Other victim nations include Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Thailand and Lebanon; eight nations in all, on three continents.

An Islamic family living by the terrorist teachings of the Qur’an strangled a 16-year-old girl family member Monday because she refused to wear the hijab robe-and-veil coverings of the body and head commanded by Sharia Islamic laws.

The Qur’an is cited in honor killings responding to numerous infractions; this sows terror in the name of Allah, their god, to better control the behavior of Islamic persons.

Females showing hair in public, females being raped, and females refusing circumcision against the sexual capacity to reach climax are among the infractions drawing Islamic honor/terror killings warranted under the tenants of Sharia law.

Religion of Peace monitors indicate an incomplete capacity to research the volume of honor/terror killings within Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan.

Daily Islamic jihadist terrorism attacks in Iraq killed 81 and injured 233 in Hit, Mosul, Takrit, Muqdadiyah, Baghdad, Saidiya, Khaniquin, Amarah and Basra.

Coordinated mortar and car bombings, murder-suicide bombings, shootings, more than 20 attacks in all, lead the efforts of jihadists in Iraq.

The Islamic jihadists attacked a brother and sister in Basra Tuesday because of their testimony as Christians; their bodies were dumped at a garbage site.

In Sadiya, Wednesday, Jihadist Muslims entered a school and shot two teachers dead.

On Thursday, authorities found the bodies of 16 beheaded victims of Allah’s messengers in Muqdadiyah, Iraq.

Islamic religion warriors firing mortars and hurling grenades killed 13 civilians and injured 45 at Mogadishu, Somalia Monday and Thursday, attacks on roadways and a marketplace.

Shooting deaths in Thailand, Yala Tuesday of a teacher in his home and Narathiwat Wednesday, a drive-by, are justified as glorious to Allah for advancing the cause of Islam.

Pakistan saw attacks Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, killing 14 and injuring 43 at the hands of jihadist murder-suicide bombers targeting civilians, and a separate ambush shooting.

The 15 dead and six injured in Afghanistan included beheadings of a 60-year-old woman and her young grandchild in Uruzgan, Thursday, and a child among two dead victims at the hand of a murder-suicide bomber Monday.

A coordinated attack by Islamic car bombings by al-Qaeda in Algiers, Algeria, killed 37 and injured 100 Tuesday, Dec. 11, against a United Nations building and nearby courthouse.

Thursday, Dec. 12, in Baabda, Lebanon, Islamic holy-warrior jihadists assassinate a military general through a bombing attack against a Christian neighborhood killing two and injuring 10.


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