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Weekend Islamic attacks kill 37 worldwide Islam’s religious war injures 82 in acts of violent piety honoring Muhammad in the name of Allah, their god, worldwide

(Christian Action Network) It may seem to some an odd idea of religious piety, but Islamic Imams explain the acts of violence as “jihad,” called for by Muhammad, the prophet of their god, Allah.

Jihad expands the power of Islam through terrorism, creating a sense of forced adherence or submission to Islamic dictates.

Jihad researchers at Religion of Peace, a monitoring group focused on Islamic acts of violence taking place worldwide, noted 37 dead and 82 injured Friday to Sunday, Dec. 14-16.

The devotional killings began Friday as Taliban Islamic religionists pulled two local soldiers from a vehicle in Balkh, Afghanistan, dragging them to a machine-gun firing squad.

In Gaza, an Islamic hand-raising delivered a worshipful grenade toss by a Hamas faithful, adding an explosive interlude to a funeral, killing three and injuring 30.

Friday’s faith-based killings ended with a bomb attack killing five civil servants in Oum El Drou, Algeria.

Bombings and shootings in Baghdad, Iraq, left six dead and 23 injured, as al-Qaeda joined other Islamic faithful in following Qur’anic teachings of Islamic outreach, or terrorism, to build public awareness about what Muhammadism really stands for.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden recently released a statement about Islamic religious killings, or jihad. “Everything should be seen in light of Islam,” he said.

To Iraqi Mujahedeen carrying out terrorist killings, he added, “My brothers, you have done well to perform your duty.”

Islamic leaders have yet to offer an unequivocal condemnation against Bin Laden’s interpretation of jihad as a ritual, religiously blessed means of strengthening Islam against enemy beliefs.

Islamic faithful executed a civilian in Mogadishu, Somalia, as other religious militant gunmen fired on civilians elsewhere, killing one and injuring 12, Saturday.

In Kabul, Afghanistan, Taliban killers devoted to Qur’anic instructions for violence set off a car bomb on a city street, scoring five dead and two injured for Muhammad.

Saturday’s offerings of atrocities for Allah concluded with an Islamic Fedayeen murder-suicide bomber on a bicycle in Naushehra, Pakistan, killing five and injuring 11, civilians included.

Muslim militants blew up two civilians in Khost, Afghanistan, beheaded a soldier in Khar, Pakistan and gunned down another along with three injured in Bajaur, Pakistan, Sunday.

The devotional acts of jihad murder took the life of a teenager in Pattani, Thailand, one of two shot off their motorcycle.

In Mosul, Iraq, Sunday’s close to the weekend’s carnage came at the hand of Islamic terrorist forces who murdered four, including one woman.

There were no reported killings as religious acts by Christians, Hindus, Jews or Buddhists, or other religious groups, recently.

Christianity is notably, according to Christian religious leaders, focused on the love of God offering grace and forgiveness expanding a spiritual kingdom not of this world.

“Jesus said to Pontus Pilate, ‘my kingdom is not of this world, if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight; but my kingdom is not of this world,’ before being sent to the cross,” Pastor Dave Christy of Hurt, Virginia, said.

“That pretty much lays the foundation there,” he added. “We follow Christ by demonstrating acts of love and forgiveness as He forgave and loved us.”

Meanwhile, Muhammad said, “Fight those who do not believe in Allah,…until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection,” Qur’an, Sura 9:29.


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  1. Life behind the wire in occupied Palestine

    By Jill Evans

    MEP Jill Evans is a member of the European delegation for relations with the Palestine authority. This is an account of her recent visit to the strife-torn and occupied state.

    IMAGINE you wanted to travel from Denbigh to Ruthin and you had to go through three or four military checkpoints on the journey – and then be sent on long detours.

    Perhaps you wanted to make a delivery in Colwyn Bay from your business in St Asaph but were forbidden to use the A55.

    The people of Palestine’s West Bank suffer treatment like this every day, because of restrictions on travel under Israeli occupation with over 500 checkpoints on the roads.

    As a city with such huge religious significance, it is shocking to find Bethlehem surrounded by a massive wall, like a wall around a high security prison.

    This wall has been built around the West Bank by Israel.

    Rather than protecting Israel, it has divided Palestinian families and taken Palestinian land.

    A shopkeeper in Bethlehem told me that it had been seven years since he had been able to travel outside Bethlehem.

    Visitors were 20 per cent of what they had been a few years ago.

    In Hebron, a city established in 3500 BC, the Israeli government has closed all roads in and out except one.

    The centre is now virtually a ghost town because of the 186 checkpoints and cordoned-off street, which have been introduced for the convenience of the Israeli settlers.

    Thousands of soldiers are there protecting them.

    We heard from Osaily Khaled, the Mayor of Hebron, that because of the restrictions in the now divided city, the local people had to travel 3-4 km to cross 300m.

    When we travelled from the West Bank to Gaza, our journey became more difficult.

    Since June 2007 Gaza has been under siege by the Israelis.

    This means that all borders are closed and only essential humanitarian aid is allowed in.

    We needed special passes from Israel.

    Inside Gaza, we were driven around in United Nations armoured cars.

    The siege is illegal collective punishment of the people of Gaza and is causing huge suffering.

    At Shifa Hospital we met medical staff who explained the effects on patients.

    A lack of drugs meant cancer patients had to be referred to Israel – but many of these patients were refused permission to travel.

    The hospital was using generators because of cuts in the electricity, but fuel supplies were dwindling.

    It’s obvious the effects that power cuts would have on intensive care patients and the thirty premature babies who depended on the electricity supply to keep their incubators working.

    The previous week UNRWA – the United Nations Relief and Works Agency had run out of bags and couldn’t operate their food deliveries to the thousands of refugees.

    They didn’t have paper to produce books for the schools they run.

    People could not get money because the banks had literally run out of cash.

    The UNWRA staff warned of another potential disaster in the Beitlaya area.

    A desperately needed plant to treat sewage and waste water was being held up because materials to build it are not being allowed into Gaza.

    More and more untreated sewage will now find its way into the sea and threaten to literally submerge a huge area of housing.

    Business people weren’t spared the suffering either.

    One of the people I met in Gaza was born and brought up in London (and had been on a school trip to Betws y Coed and Llandudno).

    He moved to Gaza to establish a successful business, selling computers but could not import new stock.

    His shop was empty and he was not allowed to travel to their oth
    er branch on the West Bank.

    3,000 businesses have collapsed in recent months.

    On the Israeli side of the border we met some residents of Sderot a town hit daily by rocket attacks from Gaza which has injured several people and caused a lot of damage.

    There is, of course, a difference between the violence of a state occupying another country and the violent actions of a small unrepresentative group.

    But all violence is making the situation worse and I condemn it completely.

    The situation in Palestine is reaching breaking point.

    There has to be international action to lift the siege, end the occupation and resume peace negotiations.

    Please lobby the government for peace and justice for the Palestinians which will also bring peace to Israel.

    I will be writing a full report of my visit.

    If you would like a copy, please contact me at

    The full article contains 781 words and appears in n/a newspaper.
    Last Updated: 13 March 2008 1:13 PM

    Comment by Jim | March 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. Support Israel, not Hamas terrorists. Israel did not start this conflict. If not for the terrorism, there would be peace.

    Israel has every right to defend herself, and has my 100% support. Hamas, along with all of the other Jihadist terrorist organizations must be destroyed for the good of all freedom and peace loving people.

    Please do not be so utterly ignorant to give moral equation between the terrorist barbarians that use suicide bombing intentionally on innocent citizens as a weapon, with the good people of Israel!

    Hamas are evil demons and Israel are God’s chosen people. Satan wants you to hate Israel. Will you obey him?

    This conflict is not aimed at the Palestinian people, but the terrorist filth who have vowed to destroy Israel. Why are you not critical of that? Does Israel not have the right to exist; do you agree that it should be wiped off the map?

    Comment by Brent | December 31, 2008 | Reply

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is this website some sort of perverse joke? I’m a Muslim woman who lives in the US. I am aware that there are violent factions of Islam, but what is this about violent jihad done to honor Muhammad? Complete crap. Please learn to READ about something and stop perpetrating lies. There are two aspects of jihad: major jihad is the struggle we all have against personal weaknesses and vices and minor jihad is the struggle you are aware of. Most acts of violence in the name of Allah are not in line with jihad as they involve the injuring or murder of innocent people (jihad in Islam also asks that homes and plant life/agriculture not be destroyed – did you know that?).

    I think the author of this website is as ignorant as the terrorists he claims to be against. READ!

    Comment by Ms_Fu | February 17, 2009 | Reply

    • I red the koran. It says to kill all non-muslims. And many more verses that say everything from murder to rape. Even raping little girls as mohamed did. His wife was 9 years old. Have you red the koran?

      Comment by Douglas Waterman | May 1, 2013 | Reply

  4. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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    Comment by Mike | March 1, 2009 | Reply

  5. This group is fantastic! I hope a very large , strong movement develops against islam.

    Comment by Douglas Waterman | May 1, 2013 | Reply

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