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Weekend Islamic attacks kill 37 worldwide Islam’s religious war injures 82 in acts of violent piety honoring Muhammad in the name of Allah, their god, worldwide

(Christian Action Network) It may seem to some an odd idea of religious piety, but Islamic Imams explain the acts of violence as “jihad,” called for by Muhammad, the prophet of their god, Allah.

Jihad expands the power of Islam through terrorism, creating a sense of forced adherence or submission to Islamic dictates.

Jihad researchers at Religion of Peace, a monitoring group focused on Islamic acts of violence taking place worldwide, noted 37 dead and 82 injured Friday to Sunday, Dec. 14-16.

The devotional killings began Friday as Taliban Islamic religionists pulled two local soldiers from a vehicle in Balkh, Afghanistan, dragging them to a machine-gun firing squad.

In Gaza, an Islamic hand-raising delivered a worshipful grenade toss by a Hamas faithful, adding an explosive interlude to a funeral, killing three and injuring 30.

Friday’s faith-based killings ended with a bomb attack killing five civil servants in Oum El Drou, Algeria.

Bombings and shootings in Baghdad, Iraq, left six dead and 23 injured, as al-Qaeda joined other Islamic faithful in following Qur’anic teachings of Islamic outreach, or terrorism, to build public awareness about what Muhammadism really stands for.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden recently released a statement about Islamic religious killings, or jihad. “Everything should be seen in light of Islam,” he said.

To Iraqi Mujahedeen carrying out terrorist killings, he added, “My brothers, you have done well to perform your duty.”

Islamic leaders have yet to offer an unequivocal condemnation against Bin Laden’s interpretation of jihad as a ritual, religiously blessed means of strengthening Islam against enemy beliefs.

Islamic faithful executed a civilian in Mogadishu, Somalia, as other religious militant gunmen fired on civilians elsewhere, killing one and injuring 12, Saturday.

In Kabul, Afghanistan, Taliban killers devoted to Qur’anic instructions for violence set off a car bomb on a city street, scoring five dead and two injured for Muhammad.

Saturday’s offerings of atrocities for Allah concluded with an Islamic Fedayeen murder-suicide bomber on a bicycle in Naushehra, Pakistan, killing five and injuring 11, civilians included.

Muslim militants blew up two civilians in Khost, Afghanistan, beheaded a soldier in Khar, Pakistan and gunned down another along with three injured in Bajaur, Pakistan, Sunday.

The devotional acts of jihad murder took the life of a teenager in Pattani, Thailand, one of two shot off their motorcycle.

In Mosul, Iraq, Sunday’s close to the weekend’s carnage came at the hand of Islamic terrorist forces who murdered four, including one woman.

There were no reported killings as religious acts by Christians, Hindus, Jews or Buddhists, or other religious groups, recently.

Christianity is notably, according to Christian religious leaders, focused on the love of God offering grace and forgiveness expanding a spiritual kingdom not of this world.

“Jesus said to Pontus Pilate, ‘my kingdom is not of this world, if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight; but my kingdom is not of this world,’ before being sent to the cross,” Pastor Dave Christy of Hurt, Virginia, said.

“That pretty much lays the foundation there,” he added. “We follow Christ by demonstrating acts of love and forgiveness as He forgave and loved us.”

Meanwhile, Muhammad said, “Fight those who do not believe in Allah,…until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection,” Qur’an, Sura 9:29.


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Honor/terror killing brings jihadism to Canada Al-Qaeda active, deadly injuries average more than 100 daily

(Christian Action Network) Daily attacks by Islamic terrorists killed 112 and seriously injured 437 worldwide, according to early reports noted by Religion of Peace jihad monitors Monday through Thursday, Dec. 10-13.

The death toll is expected to rise as numerous injured victims die of their wounds.

The United States was not a victim nation by jihadists this week, but Canada reported an Islamic honor/terror killing in Toronto.

Other victim nations include Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Thailand and Lebanon; eight nations in all, on three continents.

An Islamic family living by the terrorist teachings of the Qur’an strangled a 16-year-old girl family member Monday because she refused to wear the hijab robe-and-veil coverings of the body and head commanded by Sharia Islamic laws.

The Qur’an is cited in honor killings responding to numerous infractions; this sows terror in the name of Allah, their god, to better control the behavior of Islamic persons.

Females showing hair in public, females being raped, and females refusing circumcision against the sexual capacity to reach climax are among the infractions drawing Islamic honor/terror killings warranted under the tenants of Sharia law.

Religion of Peace monitors indicate an incomplete capacity to research the volume of honor/terror killings within Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan.

Daily Islamic jihadist terrorism attacks in Iraq killed 81 and injured 233 in Hit, Mosul, Takrit, Muqdadiyah, Baghdad, Saidiya, Khaniquin, Amarah and Basra.

Coordinated mortar and car bombings, murder-suicide bombings, shootings, more than 20 attacks in all, lead the efforts of jihadists in Iraq.

The Islamic jihadists attacked a brother and sister in Basra Tuesday because of their testimony as Christians; their bodies were dumped at a garbage site.

In Sadiya, Wednesday, Jihadist Muslims entered a school and shot two teachers dead.

On Thursday, authorities found the bodies of 16 beheaded victims of Allah’s messengers in Muqdadiyah, Iraq.

Islamic religion warriors firing mortars and hurling grenades killed 13 civilians and injured 45 at Mogadishu, Somalia Monday and Thursday, attacks on roadways and a marketplace.

Shooting deaths in Thailand, Yala Tuesday of a teacher in his home and Narathiwat Wednesday, a drive-by, are justified as glorious to Allah for advancing the cause of Islam.

Pakistan saw attacks Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, killing 14 and injuring 43 at the hands of jihadist murder-suicide bombers targeting civilians, and a separate ambush shooting.

The 15 dead and six injured in Afghanistan included beheadings of a 60-year-old woman and her young grandchild in Uruzgan, Thursday, and a child among two dead victims at the hand of a murder-suicide bomber Monday.

A coordinated attack by Islamic car bombings by al-Qaeda in Algiers, Algeria, killed 37 and injured 100 Tuesday, Dec. 11, against a United Nations building and nearby courthouse.

Thursday, Dec. 12, in Baabda, Lebanon, Islamic holy-warrior jihadists assassinate a military general through a bombing attack against a Christian neighborhood killing two and injuring 10.

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Saudi king pardons teenage rape victim

RIYADH (AFP) — King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia pardoned a teenage girl sentenced to six months in jail and 200 lashes after being gang raped in a decision swiftly welcomed by Washington on Monday.

Justice Minister Abdullah bin Mohammad bin Ibrahim al-Sheikh hailed the king’s “laudable instructions to grant the pardon”, in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

The sentence against the 19-year-old girl had drawn criticism of the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom from key ally President George W. Bush.

The girl, who was 18 at the time she was raped, was attacked at knifepoint by seven men after she was found in a car with a male companion who was not a relative, in breach of strict Saudi law.

The king also pardoned the male companion, the justice minister announced.

The victim’s identity has not been revealed but she has become known as “Qatif girl,” after the Shiite-populated area of Al-Qatif in the Eastern Province from which she comes.

In October 2006, a judge sentenced her to 90 lashes for being with the man — a taboo in the conservative Muslim kingdom which imposes segregation of the sexes.

She appealed against the sentence but despite her ordeal the court ruled that her punishment should be increased to 200 lashes and a six-month jail term.

The judges decided to punish the girl further for “her attempt to aggravate and influence the judiciary through the media,” a court source told the English-language daily Arab News.

The rapists were initially sentenced to one to five years in jail, but those terms were also toughened in November to between two and nine years.

A rape conviction carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, but the court did not impose it due to the “lack of witnesses” and the “absence of confessions,” the justice ministry said last month.

The girl’s husband praised the king for granting the pardon.

“This fatherly care and noble gesture will help (in) lifting the emotional and psychological stress and suffering that our family has been enduring,” the husband was quoted as saying on CNN television’s website.

“This is not something new because we know that the king was always generous in dealing with his people and the entire world,” the husband said. “This week, we have two holidays to celebrate; the Eid and this great news of the pardon.”

King Abdullah’s pardon came on the day that Muslims began the annual hajj pilgrimage as two million faithful set off from Mecca to the valley of Mina in Saudi Arabia.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino welcomed the pardon.

“This is a decision that King Abdullah needed to make on behalf of Saudi Arabia, and we think it was the right one,” she said.

Bush expressed disappointment earlier this month at Saudi Arabia’s lack of support for the rape victim, saying he would have been angry if his own daughter had endured such treatment.

State Department spokesman Tom Casey said Washington hoped that the king’s decision would discourage the Saudi courts from issuing such judgements again in the future.

“We’re very pleased by the decision that was taken by the king, and we certainly hope it will send a signal to the Saudi judiciary,” he said.

“I think that we would like to not see a repeat of cases like this. If the king’s decision has an impact of that kind on the thinking of those in the Saudi judicial system, I think that would be a good thing.”

Casey said he was not aware of any specific US contacts with King Abdullah on the move, but added Washington had “made quite clear what our views were on this subject” through its embassy in Saudi Arabia and in its public statements.

Women in oil-rich Saudi Arabia live under restrictions imposed by a rigid interpretation of Islam and stringent tradition.

They must be covered from head to toe in public and are not permitted to drive. Furthermore, they need a “mahram” or a guardian — a husband or close male relative if they are widowed or single — in order to apply for and obtain a passport.

Political constraints also mean that Saudi women are totally absent from the Shura (consultative) Council, whose members are appointed by the king, and were barred from landmark municipal elections in 2005.

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Bomb Squad Investigates Explosions

(News Channel 5) NASHVILLE, Tenn.- On Sunday, the Metro Bomb squad was investigating two bomb explosions that happened overnight near people’s homes. The bombs were discovered in the same area.

You don’t want to learn on a Sunday morning that two bombs exploded in your neighborhood overnight, but that’s exactly what happened in Bellevue this weekend.

The first bomb was found on Collinswood, and the other on South Highland in Bellevue. No one was hurt in the blasts.

Police believe the bombs were made of aluminum foil and some sort of liquid substance.

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Blast in Watsonville, heard for blocks, destroys city employee’s car

(Mercury News) A large explosion ripped through a city of Watsonville parking lot late Monday, demolishing a car owned by a city employee and blowing out the second-floor windows of an adult school on Main Street.

Deputy Police Chief Manny Solano said the car, a Chrysler 500 sedan, was unoccupied and parked next to Watsonville-Aptos Adult School on the 200 block of Main Street when it exploded. The force of the blast rocked the nearby police station and sent students in the school scurrying for cover.

No one was injured in the blast, Solano said, but the windows in the Porter Building, above where the car was parked, were blown out.

The mangled remains of the car sat covered in foam, the parking lot surrounded by police tape as arson and bomb squad investigators combed the scene.

Solano said it was too early to tell what caused the explosion, but said of his fellow city employee, “We are concerned for their safety and are making sure that their family’s OK.”Investigators will determine whether an explosive device caused the blast or if it was a mechanical problem with the car.

“We don’t know if they (the city employee) were the intended target, if anything was present in the car or whether it was electrical,” Solano said.

But the blast, which could be heard for blocks, blew out the windows, doors and trunk of the sedan, which resembled a hunk of burned out metal.

Solano declined to identify vthe employee for safety reasons, but said the

employee was at work when the accident happened and was not injured.

Firefighters remained on scene for about an hour and the parking lot remained taped off for hours after the incident as investigators combed the area for debris and clues.

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Osama could be in Bajaur: Musharraf

(Ground Report) ISLAMABAD: Expressing his ignorance on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, President Pervez Musharraf said, no one knows where Osama is but he could be in Bajaur — this is the tribal agency bordering Kunar province, where there were no coalition forces in the past. On the Afghan side — that’s in Afghanistan.

He stated this in an interview.

Refusing to restore the deposed judges Musharraf categorically stated that they would never be restored and no western interference would be tolerated in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

Musharraf categorically refusing to reinstate judges who opposed him and dismissing western criticism in this regard said, “We took action. The judges had to take oaths, and those that took the oaths are there. Those that did not are gone. This action was validated by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Why should they be restored? New judges are there. They will never be restored.

“Let the western world not understand. They should come to Pakistan and understand Pakistan”.

Retreating that there are no curbs on media the president said there are no restrictions on press.

“There is no problem criticizing the government. . . . The problem was that they were distorting realities and creating despondencies in the people of Pakistan by showing pictures of dead bodies and interviewing terrorists — not showing the law enforcement authorities in a good light but showing the terrorists in a better light. Thus they encouraged terrorism and discouraged the law enforcers. They were undermining the good work of the government, were entirely one-sided, and some responsibility had to be brought in.

“We issued a code of conduct and asked them to sign it. It’s as good as you have in your own country. All the channels except one accepted it, and all except one are open. The print media were not closed at all.”

Blaming the western media for his problems said, “The Western media was undermining what [we] are doing. Your media keeps criticizing the army and the ISI — not understanding what their real contribution is to fighting terrorism.

They showed those who took action as villains and brought those madwomen who were there on television and made heroes of them. It should have been converted into a great positive. . . . Instead, it was as if we had done something terrible”.

In response to a question whether the US had abandoned him President Musharraf said, ” No, I don’t. I stuck out my neck for Pakistan. I didn’t stick out my neck for anyone else. It happened to be in the interest of the world and the U.S. Describing President Bush as supportive towards him, “The president has been extremely supportive. I have nothing against President Bush. I think he has been most supportive; he has been a very sincere friend. I must say he understands fully the Pakistan environment. He understands why I had to act and what I’m facing. He totally and completely understands. He understands the emergency. He understands what we were suffering and that an action had to be taken” We are combating terrorism and we are on the winning side.

The issue is in the FATA — that is, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. There are two of them in north and south Waziristan and a third one in Bajaur.

President Musharraf refusing to say whether he would endorse a constitutional amendment to allow former prime minister Benazir Bhutto to serve a third term said that he had no such promise to the US that he would lift The ban in this regard

” No I haven’t given any such promises. We did talk about it, but there were many things that we talked about which have been violated . . . ” But adding that he is willing to work with her if she wins

Stressing on the need of settlement of Palestinian conflict the president said the anti US sentiments are growing in the Muslim world due to lack of progress on these issues

Warning against any unilateral strike in Pakistan against the Al-Qaeda by the US troops or US access to Dr AQ Khan the President said: “That will not be acceptable to Pakistan. The people of Pakistan will not accept any foreign involvement here, and I do not think it is required. We have intelligence cooperation . . . .

No, it would be interference in our country. Would you like Pakistani intelligence to interfere in the U.S.? The problem with the West is that you want the developing world to do everything that you wish and desire. . . . Are we that incapable, are we that small? This is not a banana republic.”

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Ayman al-Zawahiri – al Qaeda’s Number 2.0 Man

(N.T.A.R.C.) We’re fairly certain some questions such as, “what’s your address?”, will be off-limits however; Ayman al-Zawahiri, the deputy leader of al-Qaida and one of the most hunted men on Earth, plans to stage an online chat session. During the interview, al-Zawahiri says that he will answer questions submitted to Jihadi Web sites “by individuals, organizations and all information media outlets”.

The as-Sahab Foundation, which publishes audio-visual messages from al-Qaida leaders and videos of the group’s terror attacks, announced the plan at the end of a 90-minute TV interview with Zawahiri released over the weekend.

U.S. officials said this was a new technique for the al-Qaida leader and further evidence of the growing sophistication of the group’s propaganda operation.

“It’s a good PR move by Zawahiri,” said Jarret Brachman, the director of research at the U.S. Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center, comparing it to a Western politician going on MTV. “He’s trying to show he knows where the kids are at.”

He said it was the first time Zawahiri would engage directly with his followers in this way, although al-Qaida leaders in Saudi Arabia had held similar Q&A sessions before.

“You don’t see it nowadays,” he said of the technique, which is not a real-time online discussion. “He is trying to revive it.”

Brachman said Zawahiri had previously attempted to address topical issues by answering questions posed by an as-Sahab interviewer, as he did in the lengthy interview released Sunday.

There is also apparently no truth to the rumor that al-Zawahiri has secured a second round of venture capital to promote a new social networking site for young jihadists wanting to connect. (yes, we’re kidding)

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British Suspect In Trans-Atlantic Jet Terror Plot Escapes On The Run In Pakistan

(N.T.A.R.C.) Pakistani authorities are hunting for a Briton suspected in an alleged plot to blow up trans-Atlantic jetliners who escaped police custody, a deep embarrassment to the government of President Pervez Musharraf.

Rashid Rauf fled Saturday after appearing before a judge at a court in the capital Islamabad in connection with an inquiry before his extradition to Britain, Interior Secretary Kamal Shah said Sunday.

Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz assured Ambassador Robert Brinkely that the suspect’s capture was a “priority,” British High Commission spokeswoman Laura Davies said.

Rauf managed to open his handcuffs and evade two police guards who were supposed to take him back to jail in nearby Rawalpindi, police said Saturday.

“We are still trying to ascertain where he managed to escape,” Shah said, adding it was unclear if Rauf slipped away at the court complex or en route to the jail. “The two constables are being interrogated for their criminal negligence.”

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Iran indicates it is building another nuclear plant

(International Herald Tribune) TEHRAN: Iran confirmed on Monday that it had received the first fuel shipment for its nuclear power plant at Bushehr, but also indicated for the first time that it was building a second nuclear power plant.

The revelation came in comments by Iran’s Atomic Organization, Gholamreza Aghazadeh, made to state-run television and reported by the semi-official Fars news agency. He was dismissing speculation that the arrival of the fuel would allow Iran to halt its uranium enrichment program, in Natanz.

“We are building a 360-megawatt indigenous power plant in Darkhovein,” he said, referring to a southern city north of Bushehr.

“The fuel for this plant needs to be produced by Natanz enrichment plant,” he added, Fars said.

Bushehr and Darkhovein were both projects planned before the 1979 Revolution. It was not clear how much construction had been done at Darkhovein. The location is also sometimes spelled Darkhovin, or referred to by other nearby place names, including Ahvaz, Esteghlal and Karun.

Aghazadeh said Monday that Iran needed to increase the centrifuges at the Natanz enrichment plant from 3,000 to 50,000, saying that with the current 3,000, it could only produce fuel for a 100-megawatt plant.

The White House had signaled on Monday that the arrival of the fuel could help convince Iran to curb its enrichment program. President George W. Bush that If Iran accepted the uranium for a civilian power plant, “there was no need for them to learn how to enrich,” Reuters reported.

Aghazadeh said the shipment was made after an agreement was made between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit in October to Tehran.

Construction of Bushehr has been hindered by repeated delays. Earlier this year Russia delayed a fuel shipment expected in March, accusing Iran of tardiness in making its monthly payments of $25 million. However, Western officials said that Russia made the decision in part to help the West to pressure Iran into more openness on its nuclear program.

Last week, Sergei Shmatko, the director of Atomstroyexport, announced that Russia and Iran had ended their financial disputes over the project, though he failed to indicate a date for when the long-awaited opening would occur.

Esipova said the plant will be technically ready to operate no sooner than six months after all the uranium fuel rods needed to power the station are delivered.

Aghazadeh said Monday that almost 95 percent of the work at Bushehr was finished and it could produce power as early as the next Iranian year, which begins on March 21.

“The first phase of delivery has been completed,” said Irina Esipova, a spokeswoman for Atomstroyexport, the Russian contractor on the project. “A small amount of fuel is already on the premises of the Bushehr station in a special storage facility.” The company plans to deliver about 80 tons of nuclear fuel to Iran over the next two months, she said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the fuel would be under the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency and that Iran had given written guarantees that the fuel would only be used for the nuclear power plant.

“All fuel that will be delivered will be under the control and guarantees of the International Atomic Energy Agency for the whole time it stays on Iranian territory,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “Moreover, the Iranian side gave additional written guarantees that the fuel will be used only for the Bushehr nuclear power plant.”

The statement added: “After the Russian fuel is processed at the Bushehr nuclear power plant, it will be returned to Russia for further processing and storage.”

The power station is at the heart of an international dispute over Iran’s nuclear program. Iran insists that Bushehr is part of a civilian nuclear program. However, critics, particularly in the United States and Western Europe, have accused Tehran of secretly developing or planning to develop a nuclear bomb.

The United States released a National Intelligence Estimate two weeks ago concluding that Tehran ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003, undermining earlier claims by the Bush administration that Iran was actively developing a nuclear weapon.

Officials in Washington have nevertheless continued to insist that Iran remains a threat, sentiments which have been echoed by some European leaders. Iran considers itself to have been vindicated by the intelligence report. On Sunday President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the nuclear issue his “toughest battle and challenge” in recent years, but said the intelligence report had boosted Iran’s international status, a statement on the website of Iran’s Foreign Ministry said.

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Weekend death toll of jihadist terror war: 66 Six nations targeted in Islamic efforts to destroy “infidels”

(Christian Action Network) Islamic killing of infidels in the name of Muhammad, its seventh-century founder, scored 66 dead, 65 injured over the weekend in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Russia and Somalia.

The ongoing carnage waged as a means of demonstrating Islamic piety and devotion to Allah, their god, was researched and reported by Religion of Peace global jihad monitors Friday through Sunday, December 7-9.

Daily Islamic terrorist raids in Iraq included five murder-suicide bombings killing 37 and injuring 40 as other rocket and gunman attacks killed six and injured two, including a family of four killed in Wasit and a Christian girl in Mosul gunned down by Islamists at a marketplace.

A noted provincial leader in Iraq’s government was among those killed in one of the attacks in which jihadists used a roadside bomb.

A Friday ambush of police in Charisadda, Pakistan, killed one officer before a Sunday murder-suicide bombing in Swat killed numerous children among nine dead and eight injured.

Two Islamic religious killings took place in Afghanistan on Saturday, mainly through jihadist forces catching police off guard in ambush operations, killing eight and injuring six.

Jihadists also hanged a 12-year-old boy from a tree in Helmand in accordance with Islamic Teliban tradition.

Islamic historical teaching notes precedent for the execution of boys in puberty, Muhammad himself overseeing the exposure of Jewish boys of the Qurayza clan, Medina, in 627, to view pubic evidence of manhood.

Muhammad and his charter-member jihadist warriors beheaded 800 Jewish men and boys of puberty to obtain the clan’s considerable wealth, children and women.

On Sunday, Islamic terrorists gunned down a Hindu police officer in Ramban, India, and set off a bomb on a civilian bus killing two and injuring four in Stavropol, Russia, [near Chechnya].

Islam scored a civilian death, and injured three, as bystanders were caught in crossfire during an attack on Ethiopian troops near a Mogadishu, Somalia marketplace.

The last confirmed Jihadist killing to take place in the American hemisphere occurred in February: an Islamic man gunned down five Valentine’s Day shoppers in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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